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Throughout our many years of professional activity we have organized various events in whole Poland and outside of it and we know very well how important choosing a good locations is. Just the atmosphere of a specific place can work wonders and have a very positive influence on an attraction’s reception – after all, a real castle makes a much better impression than a barn decorated in such a way that it resembles that castle (although we can get great results with a barn, if need be)! Still, choosing a good looking locations is not enough. There are a lot of other factors to be taken into consideration, depending on the type of organized event. Is there a sufficient accommodation base? Does the location offer an access to warm water? Is it possible to organize a fireshow there? These and many other questions are not as obvious as one might think!

Thanks to our vast experience we know exactly what aspects should be taken into consideration when choosing a location for an event. We also know how to use a place’s full potential. By choosing our offer, you get access to:

  • An opportunity to peruse our extensive database of locations in Poland (and outside of it);
  • A location scouting service with an on-site research to see if a specific place meets expectations;
  • Coordination of site preparation for a specific event and according to specific instructions;
  • Preparation of additional elements of scenography to be used in a location;
  • Rental of our specialists’ services (scenographers; on-site coordinators; event support; designers).


For quite a long time we have followed the rule: an appropriate decoration can work wonders. The elements of decoration, placement of scenography and proper lighting can change a location into something very much different. We are experts in that area.

Thanks to years of experience and an artistic vision, our specialists will turn an abandoned hall into a grim medieval dungeon. They will also add visual depth and an attractive twist to an exhibition booth. They will prepare elements of scenography (including theatre and event scenography) which later on will be incorporated into an already existing location, or one built from scratch. Whether you need us to prepare a set to direct a movie or a music video, or decorate a room in which a gala will take place – our experts are at your service! Thanks to their talents a location of your choice will be turned into a pirates’ hideout, a speakeasy during Prohibition, a Hawaiian beach, a space ship… and many, many more!

By choosing our offer, you will get access to our scenography specialists’ services, including:

  • Creation of scenography elements on request;
  • Scenography installation;
  • Designing a whole decoration according to your vision;
  • Coordination of the set preparation;
  • An expert remote consultation;
  • Decoration maintenance.


Props are a very important element of scenography – both those static and those actively used by actors or participants of an event. Our warehouse is filled with various items which can spice up a film set or an event. Swords, armours, rifles, office equipment, heavy suitcase, hats… the selection is really wide. If we don’t have something in our storage room, we will easily produce it or find someone who will do it for us. Thanks to our many years of experience in the industry we now have an access to a very extensive network of contacts and nothing is out of our reach!

By choosing our offer, you get access to:

  • A remarkably vast prop rental service;
  • A service of prop manufacturing based on an original design;
  • Our wide database of manufacturers;
  • A service to make a selection props for a specific project.


Organization of outdoor and mass events is one of our specializations. We will provide a comprehensive service – from designing the event’s scenario and inviting the man of the hour, to full organizational logistics. By commissioning your event’s organizations to us, you can be sure that your picnic or festival is in the hands of professionals. We divided our offer into specific sections to make the viewing of products easier.

Company picnics are a perfect way for employee integration and to improve the personal relations within a company. Archery, horse-riding, trampolines, climbing walls, giant foosball, zorbing and sumo – it’s but a fraction of attractions on offer. Fire dancing, a loud scene, walking on stilts, balloon rides, medieval fairs and crazy competitions will complement the great fun.

We have prepared for you the following offers:

  • military picnic,
  • fantasy picnic,
  • historic picnic,
  • sports picnic
  • organization of a bonfire,
  • organization of festivals.


Public events are currently one of the best methods to promote a brand or a product. The members of the 5 Żywiołów Agency have been operating in the industry for over 15 years, providing professional service marked by the highest standard and uniqueness. Due to our reach experience, we are able to face virtually any challenge. You can see for yourself by taking a look into our portfolio, in which we present some of our finished projects.

When planning a campaign, we carefully include every detail: the financial means of a customer, promotion’s targets, the target group etc. We place emphasis on the visual aspect – your brand logo’s visibility, at the same time improving its recognition amongst the consumers.


We offer both complex promotion campaigns, as well as individual marketing initiatives. We prepared for you several solutions that fit every occasion, and the skilled 5 Żywiołów team does their best to make sure that every event (exhibitions, trade shows, open days, conventions) is perfectly serviced.
We are also equipped in tools that can allow us to examine the consumer opinions, conduct surveys, and check the effectiveness of the promotion campaigns that are underway.

We offer the following marketing actions:


It ensures reaching a wide range of consumers. We bet on an accurate and precise customer contact with the promoted product, which means not only handing out samples or leaflets, but also degustation, quizzes, contests – anything to make the presentation more attractive and the product more memorable. We always bet on unconventional and non-standard solutions.


The customer is given an opportunity to sample the new product and receive detailed information regarding the brand or sampled product.

We offer:

Organization of the sampling stand, product exposition, hostess and promoter training, logistics support.


New customer acquisition, sales support, raising brand awareness, encouragement to buy the full-value product.


By receiving advertising material, a potential customer learns about a company, product or service.

We offer:

Logistics support, distributor training, choosing the distribution location.


New customer acquisition, raising brand awareness.


  • Creation of a professional webpage,
  • Facebook fan page maintenance,
  • advertising campaigns,
  • marketing gadget sale (such as t-shirts, lanyards, mugs etc.),
  • commercials.



  • we present an approach that is far from standard
  • we realize unique ideas
  • our team specializes in impossible tasks
  • we adapt to our customers’ needs
  • we are able to carry out any commission
  • we have a broad base of attractive locations
  • we are flexible and ready for any unexpected changes
  • we provide access to a vast collection of props and scenography elements


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